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Our systems can prevent the intrusion to your site, utilising the latest digital technology and IP based CCTV solutions to monitor access to secure areas, unauthorised activities or criminal damage, providing you with a high quality solution at an affordable cost.

CCTV security systems can be used in both internal and external locations and have developed over time to become a versatile security tool to help reduce crime, protect people and property.

Artisan Fire & Security offers affordable CCTV packages providing expert system design and camera selection. Our systems benefit a wide range of business sectors from the smallest retail store, through to large commercial businesses.

Nowadays system technologies vary, from simple fixed cameras, fully functional PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom cameras) dome cameras to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR ) systems. Coupled together with the extensive availability of control equipment, including multiplex digital records and the use of IP Technology for remote viewing, makes CCTV a solution for all environments.

Our CCTV range provides solutions for all digital video recording and video data storage needs. The systems are configurable and offer motion detection for specified areas and smart search capabilities to increase the effectiveness of the CCTV system. It can review and search particular areas covered on your premises, allowing you to manage your own business. Our systems simultaneously record even when using the high quality playback facility ensuring nothing is missed.

Our expertly designed systems, installed and maintained by our professional team of engineers will also provide:

  • Health & Safety for Visitors and Staff
  • Management Information for Key Management
  • Reduce your Man Guarding costs
  • Provide Lone Worker Protection
  • Fire Prevention

To discuss your CCTV needs or Remote Video Response requirements, no matter how large or small your premises, make that call today and speak to our Team at Artisan Fire & Security.

Remotely Monitored Systems

Remote CCTV monitoring is more cost-effective and can be more reliable than employing security personnel. This approach has proven to save customers thousands of pounds per year, without the loss of security. In actual fact we decrease overheads and increase site safety and security at the same time.

Recent research into remote CCTV monitoring, identified that many businesses are still not optimising their security investment in protecting their assets. Many businesses simply use CCTV for passively recording incidents.

By utilising the remote monitoring capabilities of your closed circuit television system this can become an important active component of your security armoury. Benefits of remote CCTV are many and include:

  • Monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Complete site coverage
  • The service is not at risk to attack or bribery
  • No falling asleep or days off sick
  • The security service is not vulnerable to decoy attacks
  • It has the facility to deal with multiple incidents
  • An average saving of £36,000 per annum against guarding contracts
  • Proactive approach
  • Reliable and Transparent
  • Integration with Fire & Security System
  • Ensures Police Response
  • Ensures Patrol Response when required

Even if you currently have a system installed, we can generally help you achieve remote monitoring for your premises. This would include providing you with a free of charge site assessment by one of our team, who would then present a report and advise you of any upgrades that may be required.

Hundreds of companies already use Remote Video Monitoring and are seeing the full range of benefits it can deliver.

Whether purchasing a full system, upgrade your existing equipment or wanting to lease a system contact Artisan Fire & Security to help you with your security requirements.

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