Your fire protection strategy should be designed to prevent the outbreak and spread of fire, however should a fire unexpectedly break out then the earliest automatic fire detection is crucial.

It is important that detection time is kept to an absolute minimum, this time is key to the site’s ability to recover from a fire with only the smallest amount of disruption.

Artisan Fire & Security provide Fire Detection & Alarm Systems designed to provide the earliest detection of a fire condition, which in turn, can aid safe and speedy evacuation of people from your premises along with ability of automatically contacting the local fire authority.

Whatever your fire protection requirements are, Artisan Fire & Security offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your needs. Our experienced fire consultants are there to support you every step of the way. We can provide all elements to the solution, including design, installation, service and monitoring of a fire detection system.

Our systems utilise the latest technology to suit all kinds of situations and sizes of organisation. Our systems can also be tailored to integrate with security systems giving you a complete fire and security solution working more effectively to meet your business needs.

System Technologies

Conventional Systems

Conventional systems consist of a number of detection devices connected to a central fire alarm controller. These devices are located around the site and operate within designed zone boundaries. Therefore when a detector is activated area investigation is required by an individual to determine exactly which detector has operated.

Addressable Systems

Addressable systems consist of one continuous loop cable in and out of the control panel onto which are connected a number of devices including, sensors (Smoke & Heat Detectors), sounders and interfaces etc. Each device is given a unique address, descriptive text and allocated to a zone. The control panel is then capable of providing the exact description of the device that has activated along with its location. Other benefits of addressable systems are the ability to assess if any smoke sensors are due for replacement due to dust contamination etc. Smoke & Heat Sensors can also provide a pre-alarm indicating condition warning of potential alarms or false alarm before they happen.


Wireless Radio Fire System offer an alternative to the costs, potential damage and business disruption associated with installing hardwired fire systems in existing buildings. An ideal solution for retrofit and refurbishment applications in small to medium sized enterprises.

Fire Alarm monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Statistics show that over 65% of all major fires begin during the times when buildings are closed or unoccupied, this being after 6pm. During these times who is going to react to your fire detection system?

By reducing the time it takes for the emergency services to arrive and start tackling a fire drastically reduces the threat to life, property and business. Essential if your premises are empty or vulnerable to the risk of arson.

Artisan Fire & Security’s fire alarm monitoring service saves lives and property by enabling fast communication to the emergency services. As soon as our fire detection system signals a fire alarm, a signal is transmitted to an Alarm Receiving Centre and the local fire service is alerted.

Our fire alarm monitoring starts form just £1 per day, giving you peace of mind by employing the latest signaling technology providing 24/7 monitoring, ensuring a fast emergency response from our Fire Alarm & Detection Systems.

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