It is an unfortunate reality that many lone workers are more vulnerable to the threats and physical assaults than others in the workforce.

With a greater focus on employee safety than has ever been, employers are taking more and more steps in the protection of their employees. No matter where your lone worker is, he or she may need to get in touch quickly if danger threatens. For instance this may be coming into contact with gangs of youths, travelling, through rough parts of town, single security officers on site or suffering an accident when no one is around to help.


Artisan Fire & Security can assist by providing a variety of ‘At Risk’ lone worker personal safety solutions for lone worker protection. This not only helps employers to fulfil health and safety requirements regarding their duty of care, our lone worker protection systems will enable staff to work more safely, confidently and therefore more effectively. These devices use mobile GPS and location based technologies for a range of different applications and environments.

Lone workers or remote workers will immediately benefit from increased peace of mind knowing they are better protected by an approved device with the support available 24/7/365 through the alarm receiving centre.

Through mobile technology a worker in distress can now have the emergency services by their side in minutes just by pressing one key on their mobile or device. That is all they have to do, 24/7 our operators will do the rest.

What mobile technology enables

The above can be delivered via an independent device or existing mobile phones, PDAs or BlackBerry® smartphones. (This means there is no need to carry or charge another mobile device and no need to pay for more equipment and line rental).

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