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Intruder Alarm

Intruder Alarm

Intruder alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorised activity within your premises. Our systems provide a crucial deterrent to intruders utilising the latest technology providing you with piece of mind.

Our intruder alarms are professionally designed installed and maintained to provide maximum protection and by utilising the latest advanced Intruder Alarm Technology, ensures a decline in false alarms. From initial enquiry our consultants will design a system that is specific to customer’s requests and requirements. Our design and technology mix is coupled together to ensure that the British & European Standards and Police regulations are not only achieved, but are also surpassed .

All our installations can be fitted as an audible only or a fully monitored intruder alarm system.

Intruder systems primarily fall onto two system categories, a detailed:

Bells Only or Audible Alarm:

These are usually unsuitable for commercial premises and will not provide automatic Police response.

Remotely Monitored Systems:

Are linked to an alarm receiving centre, which will filter the activation and notify the Police and keyholders on your behalf.

All our installations can be fitted as an audible only or a fully monitored intruder alarms system.

Bells only limitations

Just having an alarm system installed cannot always provide full protection. Bells and sounders can be ignored or damaged.

By opting for a remotely monitored alarm system from Artisan Fire and Security will ensure peace of mind, whilst still providing an economical solution.

Monitoring (click to learn more)

Identified systems meeting industry approvals can be linked to Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC’s) who will automatically contact Keyholders and the Police on your behalf to following confirmed alarm activation.

Artisan Fire & Security can offer a variety of proven technology types of system monitoring that link between your premises and the Alarm Receiving Centre.

In order to provide these solutions we partner with BT Redcare, Redcare GSM, and a range of IP signalling solutions for confirmed activation. These technologies provide differing ranges of security protection. As detailed below:

  • Bells Only Alarms - Alarm bell or sounder which will ring externally
  • Digital Communicator - Alarm system is connected to an ARC via a telephone phone line. When an alarm is triggered, the ARC receives a coded signal and calls the emergency service and Keyholders. A dedicated phone line is usually needed, introducing additional rental costs. One drawback is that should this line be cut or damaged it may not be immediately detected leving your site venerable.
  • BT Redcare Classic - the phone line is checked continuously and if there are any interruptions, a warning signal will be delivered to the Alarm Receiving Centre. This means that your alarm signalling can never be compromised without the knowledge of the Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • BT Redcare GSM - utilises the security of a telephone line with the added protection of a GSM radio back-up path. If either is interfered with or fails, the other continues to monitor your system and report signal to the ARC.
  • IP Signalling – this is the advanced signalling service that combines enhanced premises protection. IP signalling replaces the standard telephone line, and replaces it with two connections. Initially IP Signals are transmitted over a shared internet or private connection to the ARC the alternative technology uses the wireless radio networks.

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